Project Haiti: Request for Donations

Project Haiti is pleased to announce our partnership with Swiss Message Bank.

Dear friends and colleagues:

We have exciting news to share!  Project Haiti is pleased to announce our partnership with Swiss Message Bank.  Swiss Message Bank is a technology company with a platform of “Messaging to the Future” that provides users the ability to record, store and deliver encrypted voice messages which may be be delivered at a specific time and date for up to 100 years. 

Our partnership with Swiss Message Bank provides that for every message that you record and store for future delivery, 30% of the proceeds received by Swiss Message Bank will be donated to our ongoing and dedicated efforts to the Medical Care, training, education and development for the people of Haiti. 

You will have the ability to leave a meaningful legacy message for the future to family members/friends/colleagues for up to 10 minutes. When leaving a Message to the Future you will be able to record encrypted messages then edit, change all recorded data and delivery dates, as well as leave new messages, at your convenience. You may store your messages for up to 100 years. These messages may be of numerous types, including messages from the elderly and ill, to loved ones and friends, general population messages of any kind, as well as business and legal messages.  Your Legacy messages can be left for any life event!    Imagine, the reaction of a young son or daughter receiving a voice message from a loved family member, 15-20 years from now.  The message may include family memories from the past, and life advice for the future. 

Overall, the partnership of Project Haiti and Swiss Message Bank provides a “Service to Humanity” with perpetual financial support to fund Project Haiti’s medical development and training. It also provides you with an opportunity to deliver secure Messages to the Future” for your loved ones.

Friends and colleagues.
Your support will allow Project Haiti to continue its advancement of medical and surgical care in Haiti with our continued emphasis on teaching and developing high quality Haitian providers and teachers.  The timing of this partnership is critical due to new opportunities as outlined on our website will allow Project Haiti to continue to support the advancement of medical and surgical efforts in Haiti.
Thank you in advance for your support and Congratulations for leaving a valued Legacy “Message’s to the future.“         

NOTE: Below link is specific to Project Haiti if accessed from Android and iOS smartphones  and enables you to copy and paste it on other social media sites:

Finally, we ask that you forward this e-mail to your friends and colleagues and allow them to support our critical work in Haiti and the opportunity to leave your loved ones Message's to the Future.

For any technical support, please feel free to contact our partner Swiss Message Bank at

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